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are missing that will make it more difficult -- >> yes, there are pieces missing that we haven't had a chance to finish yet. the forensic part is an important part. that's being worked on but it's not done yet. the witnesses need to be interviewed. there is an immense number of witnesses that need to be interviewed. that's not completed. there are weeks of work we have left in order to complete this. i would like to say that we will -- we will come back in a couple of hours. i apologize for having you out here in the inclement weather. we are also. but i want to get the information from the medical examiner's office for and you confirm that. i want to see if i can get more detail relative to the presidential visit and the logistics of that this afternoon and if there are any updates from the major crime commanders of the department, i will bring that to you. okay? >> reporter: what federal crime scene program is working? >> federal authorities.
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i valid to consult with the u.s. attorney on that. i simply do not. we will be back in a couple of hours. folk, please stay dry. >> eric: that's lieutenant paul vance, being very specific and careful, as you heard, not commenting on the reports that nancy lanza will take her son to the shooting range or use the guns to go to the shooting range and saying there is sick stuff on the internet. claiming to be the lanzas themselves and that's a federal crime. after this horrific tragedy that has the prayers and the compassion of the nation. >> jamie: a lot of prayers for all the victims. thank you for joining us. we'll continue to update you. the president visiting tonight, bret baier, 6:00 p.m., now washington will take over. >> eric: have a good day, everybody.
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>> jamie: a nation mourns the lives of the tragedy from sandy hook elementary. police say they have uncovered evidence in the case and they are tracing all the weapon, all the way backto the work benches where they were made. president obama preparing to fly to newtown, connecticut, to act oz our country's consoler in chief. as authorities release the names of the school staff and children who were killed, we learn, not only the terrible details about their last momes and the touching stories of the lives behind the names. i'm bream -- i'm shannon bream with america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol, starting now.
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police are working to draw a more complete picture of the man who came to sandy hook elementary and killed children. peter doocy has the latest. >> reporter: with the connecticut state police press conference that just wrapped, the most compelling part, perhaps, was when the lieutenant basically warned people who have been somehow -- we don't know specifically -- but using social media to pose as the shooter and to offer some kind of misinformation. and the connecticut state police warned whoever has been using the social media to perpetrate misinformation, that they will be prosecuted for crimes in the state of connecticut and for federal crimes. again, we don't know specifically what he was referring to, but we do plan to look into it. this just happened. and he said that the crime scene outside the school has been
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processed and the cars that were part of this, the vehicles have all started to be returned to their owners and the inside of the crime scene is being worked on by authorities and the connecticut state police also said that they will not be releasing a timeline about the events that occurred during adam lanza's rampage. but something interesting that we heard this morning from the lieutenant governor malloy was that based on his understanding of the reconstruction of the crime scene inside one of the classroom, the gunman decided to take his own life as soon as he heard that authorities, who were also armed, were getting close. listen to this. >> we surmise that it was during the second classroom episode and he heard the responders coming and he decided to take his own life. >> reporter: again, right now, there is no information, officially, or unofficially about what a motive might have
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been. the state police were asked if they were confident that we will ever know what the motive was. he said they are going to answer every possible question in this case, as best as is humanly possible. but more information is coming from one of the parents, a six-year-old first grader who saw his teacher, the 27-year-old victoria soto, got shot and he ran away and he is telling more about what happened, every single day. it's very compelling. listen to this. >> the children acted on instinct and what they were taught, which was to run. and they d. they just ran up to the main road, 100 yards away. my son and several of his other students were extremely brave in what they did and acted with courage that i don't know that i have.
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>> reporter: obviously, right now, the shattered community is trying to put the pieces back together, so many people were lost and the authorities were asked today, if they think those students who were inside the school are ever going to be able to go back to sandy hook elementary and the local police say they think it will be very difficult. but it's going to be important to keep the students together. so they are working on some kind of a contingency plan that can keep the students together and perhaps allow them not to ever go back to the place where they experienced such a nightmare on friday. >> thank you. robbie parker, the dad of six-year-old emilie, one of the first parents to speak out about the shooting. he describes his daughter as a happy little girl who liked to make cards and almost always carried colored pinsils and markers. she loved her little sisters and cheering up her sad friends. she described his last moments s
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with his oldest daughter friday morning. >> my daughter, emilie: would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all of those victims because that's the type of person that she is. not because of any parenting that my wife and i could have done, but because those are the gifts that were given to her by her heavenly father. >> also expressing sympathy for the family of the shooter. he sent love and support from his family to theirs. the nation united after people in his district were hit hard by super storm sandy and now the neighbors are struggling with an unthinkable tragedy. congressman king is here now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> your thoughts. you have had to assist a lot of people suffering in a different way. now something new. >> yeah. this is so indescribable. any natural disaster is terrible
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enough. but to have the random, vicious shooting of young children like this, it's really beyond belief. i can't think of any other incident like this, touching the american psyche the way that this has. it's caused such sorrow. our hearts and rares go out to the families of these people and to the young kid who is survived. im trying to think, back in grade school, things are tough enough, trying to go on after the child next to you or your best friend -- to me, it's indescribable, as a country, we have to find a wito confront this. i don't know if dumbing down is the right expression, but it seems like every mass murder is worse than the one before. when we think we have hit the worse, like colorado and the mall and now this. it seems as if the country, in some respects is in a real downward decline. >> we did see and we continue to
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see in the wake of super storm sandy, a lot of good samaritans and people reaching out, even when they are suffering to help others. do you think we will be able to see that here, as soon as the very, very fresh wounds begin to heal? >> i think so. i think we are seeing it already. neighbors, friend, law enforcement, clerky, everyone coming together, mental health professionals, everyone offers to help. we saw it after 9/11 and after katrina, after sandy. obviously, to me, we are seeing it already in connecticut. that really is the heart and soul of america. so i don't want to be overly down when i say that the country is in decline. there are elements in decline, but the real heart and soul of america is stronger than ever. >> of course, life and work continues for many people this week your work on the hill with
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the two benghazi hearings, one in the house and one in the senate this week. but news that secretary clinton is ill and has been injured with a concussion and will not testify. are you confident that others who will show up in her place will provide much-needed answers. >> i am sure they can provide answers, but ultimately, i believe that secretary clintonville to testify. i have a great respect for secretary clinton. no one would know more about this than she would. no one would be in a position, really to answer the tough questions of secretary clinton. once she has recovered, i believe it is important that she testify. i know that the chairwoman of the international affairs committee believes that secretary clinton is an indozensible witness. what happened in benghazi, there are so many unanswered questions, it appears so many things went wrong and too many people in the administration were trying to put out a false story, which accounts, i believe, for the constant
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changing of the story, as we have gone on and the still unanswered question. but ultimately, i believe that secretary clinton will testify because she really is in indispensable. >> and the fiscal cliff continues. reports that house speaker john boehner would be open to raising tax rate on those who make a million dollars or more in example for major cuts elsewhere. is that an idea you can support? or is it a no-go for you if there are any tax increases? >> i have given my support to john boehner. we'll never get the perfect deal. i am confident that john will get the best deal we can, the president won the election, the democrats took the senate, we took the house. there is barg ang goingomp i think it's wrong for republicans to be second-guessing what john boehner might be doing or laying out positions about what they can or cannot support.
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vitold john that based on my knowledge of him and his commitment, i am prepared to support the agreement that he ultimately negotiates, convinced that it's the best we get under the circumstances. >> congressman peter king, we thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> in just a few hour, president obama will travel to new tong to mourn the victims and console survivors and meet with emergency workers who responded to the shooting scene. at 7:00 eastern time, he will speak at an interfaith vig nil newtown, high school. we will have live coverage by bret baier. while the president prepares for the trip, lawmakers on capitol hill are rolling out new propoafs in the wake of the tragedy, two senators are calling for a commission to look into the issue of mass shootings here in the u.s., steve centanni has details. >> first, a huge outpouring of shock and sympathy here in washington for the families of those killed in newtown.
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at the same time, some ideas aimed at preventing the same thing from happening again, outgoing senator joe bieberman, independent from contact connect, has this recommendation. >> i think we need a national commission on mass violence. not to -- be in place of anything else -- the president or congress or state governments might want to do. but to make sure that the heartbreak and the anger is not dissipated or lost in legislative gridlock. >> also saying, the strongest gun control laws won't stop all acts of violence. and on the sunday talks, congressman chafits, a republican from utah, says we need to explore what he calls the intersection of lethal weapons and mental health. he says violence and the media are major factors in this equation.
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>> we have to deal with the new social ramifications of the bombardment and the immediacy of the social intersection between violence, the realism in games and movies, some young people, as they are making the transition from the teen years into adulthood are not able to make that transition and there does need to be help. we are going to need to look to families and communities and churches. it is not a government solution. >> reporter: the congresswoman saying today, and these are her words -- we need to look at what drives a crazy person to this and enforce the laws on the books. >> thank you, steve. >> we are slowly learning more about what happened inside seasoned hook almostary from those who were there. second grade teacher said she was in her classroom, when she heard the shooter open fire. >> i heard what sounded like glass broke. i went out to see what that was.
9:15 am
i realized that it was not glass, it was... possible gunshots. i turned around and went back into my classroom and called for my teacher to do a lockdown. i hoarded my kids to a safe corner, called 911. listened to their instructions and waited for help. >> she said they gave the children books to read while they were waiting for the all clear to leave the classroom. >> six-year-old noah pazzener's life was cut short on friday. according to his uncle, he was smart as a whip. when his mother said i love you, he would say, not as much as i love you. he called his twin sister his best friend and he had an older sister, sophie. they were not injured. we have been learning more about each of the victims. you can go to
9:16 am
read about their stories. normally, they would be gearing up for holiday fun. but now it's a community trying to come to terps with the unimaginable. a live report on how the people of newtown are coping. and we will talk to the former governor and one-time homeland secretary, he was involved in the virginia tech massacre. what he said about what the schools can learn from the tragedy, next. >> i pray to god it's going to help heal these people who lost children. we have two young daughter, i can't imagine what it must feel like. >> you have to watch something so long and then have you to come out and lay out the flowers, say a few prayers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99.
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> shannon: the wake of the shooting, churches in sandy hook have become a place of solace. several families of the victims have been consoled in a church. we go live to the church, where people have been filing in and out of mass all morning. >> reporter: good morning, or good afternoon to you. during this time of despair, residents are trying to remember that there is good in the world
9:21 am
as they strug toll make sense of the tragedy. sunday morning church services have become memorial services, remembering 20 innocent person n and 6 daal who is lost their lives, makeshift memorials memoe popped up, many of them reading, pray for sandy hook. young people are being remembered, like six-year-old emilie parker, her heart-warming smile one of the many things her father will miss. >> i was teaching her portuguese. our last conversation was in portuguese. she -- she told me good morning and -- asked how i was doing. i said i was doing limp she said she loved me and i gave her a kiss and i was out the door. >> reporter: kids lost many playmates and some of their favorite teachers. this third grader, carried a poster, paying tribute to her first grade teacher, victoria
9:22 am
soto. >> she's my really good teacher. >>ure your favorite. >> my favorite teacher. >> reporter: some of the parent who is lost their children are mourning with fellow neighbors in the packed services. disheartened parents, taking a break from planning funerals for little ones. many feel they have no way to help the families except through faith and prayer. president barack obama is scheduled to come to the area later today. this is the fourth time he has gone to a taj in mourning, following a mass shooting. > shannon: live from the church. thank you. the friday shooting is one of several deadly shootings at schools here in the u.s., coming up, we will talk to former governor and one-time homeland security secretary, tom ridge who, sat on the review panel that investigated the virginia tech shooting. we will get hotdogs take on what happened in sandy hook elementary.
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>> misinformation is posted on social media sites. >> there has been misinformation coming from people posing as the shooter in this case, posing, using other i.d.s, mimicking this -- this crime, crime scene. > shannon: in a press conference that wrapped up a short time ago, connecticut police cautioned not to trust the misinformation they say is being spread online, via social media, warning that posting threatening misinformation is a crime and it will be prosecuted and investigated by both state and federal authorities. later today, president
9:28 am
obottommal address newtown and the nation in a vigil for the nation. we have the latest on the top headlines. >> president obama will spend the afternoon, visiting privately with family who is lost loved ones and he will leave washington at 3:00 p.m. eastern time and will speak at the newtown high school at 7:00 this evening. fox confirms, there could be some movement in fiscal cliff talks. house speaker john boehner has offered a proposal to raise tax rates for those who earn more than $1 million annually. president obama is not ready to sign onto that proposal at this point. in egypt, voters rights groups are calling foul a constitutional draft, saying the vote was marred by violations. they claim there wasn't enough judicial oversight and some women were prevented from voting. the muslim brotherhood is claiming an early victory on the
9:29 am
islamic-backed constitution. senator john kerry is expected to be nominated to be the next secretary of state. early reports suggest the official announcement will come next week. but president obama has not finalized his picks for the rest of the national security team. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> thank you. focusing on the heros in this tragedy is helping many people to process what happened at sandy hook, elementary. last night, there was a moving vig nil honor of 60oria soto. she hid her students in cupboardsboards and closetses. she died shielding the frrn from the gunman with her own body, actions that many at the school are calling heroic. >> i didn't know her at all. but i don't know -- it could have been my kid.
9:30 am
> shannon: those who knew victoria say her life-saving actions were not surprising. that she put her children 50 and want to do her best for hem. this brings back painful memories of a student on a rampage in virginia tech, shooting and killing 32 people, wounding 17 others and then killing himself. former homeland security tom ridge was on the panel investigating the massacre and the universityee response to it and former governor, thank you for joining us. >> sad to join you under these circumstance, but it's an important conversation and the entire country has to have this conversation. it's about time. > shannon: there are so many portions of the conversation to have. we talked about the fact tain a number of shootings issue there are so many common factors with those who carried out the crimes, maybe that's a good place to start. >>ic it is. if you look at horrific
9:31 am
incidents and you pull back and take a look at the profile of the actors. first of all, none of these were spontaneous events. they were planned. many were planned and the knowledge of the planning was known by fellow student or they talked about their suicidal tendencies or their desire to kill people to fellow students. so it's predictable thaty wooer going to be talking about additional gun control legislation. it is far more complicated than that -- not that we shouldn't -- but the fact remains, there are multiple layers, if we have a serious conversation about reducing the risk of this happening, we better start dealing with all the layers, it's about priefacy and mental health counseling and aberrant behavior and getting the people the help they need. it's about studenting telling parent their parents or counselors that they have heard the self-destructive rumblings.
9:32 am
i know a lot of people disagree with me, but i think that violence begets violence and have you an individual who has perhaps been rejected, vilified, bullied, feels not part of the crowd, they can lose themselves in a fantasy world or a digital world. suddenly, their sense of reality is like nothing you and i could ever appreciate. > shannon: do you think that there is a way to broach these topics? because i would imagine every one of usv has had someone in our lives, a friend or co-worker or a neighbor that you know something's not right. we are hesitant to get involved to intrude on someone's privacy, but it could make all the difference. we know about an alleged plot busted up last week when the officers got the word from feelingo student who is said something's going wrong with this student. he is saying things that are potentially deadly. >> it is taking a long time for us culturally to act when we see friends struggling with
9:33 am
alcoholism. we do encourage them to get intervention. we have to take the same mind-set with this distorted, self-destructive behavior, manifesting itself and get involved. a left conversations during the holiday season, cocktail parties and the like, when one pirnt says, how's your son doing -- i doubt any of the parents says, he had a few mental health problems weerk have him going to a therapist. we only respond to the mental health challenges after the facts and frankly, families ignore it. or we put them on severe medication. one of the students in the columbine shooting was on severe medication that could be contributed to his aggressive, destructive behavior. we have to take a 360-look at this and senator lieberman in a very thoughtful way said we better have a commission because it's far more than a press conference. it is far more than a single piece of legislation if we are
9:34 am
going on reduce the risk of this upon haing again. > shannon: you investigated what happened at virginia tech. this is an elementary school. the settings are different, but it's a commonnallity of school. >> again, you know, it's -- the classic example, you don't want to turn the school into a fortress. this is a school, as i understand it, that did everything conveefably possible, limit the entrance and the exit with the buzzer. this is a school, the school gets great -- it's unspeakable tragedy. but one wonders what happens if they didn't have lockdown fthe aide didn't call 911. if the school didn't yell lockdown and the heroine who protected her kids. there is so much you can do. that's why we want to say, we want to try to respond as best we can. we don't want to turn our schooled -- schools into armed fortresses. it is not just access to weapons, but who gets them and
9:35 am
why. this eye know this is basic -- this is basic. children are not born evil or violent. but they may begin with psychological difficulties and a variety of influences and experiences take them in that path. we have to accept that and also understand the importance of cullure, importance the intervention, importance of mental health. there were many lessons in virginia tech, privacy laws were confused, the mental health system, this man had a deteriorating mental condition, people knew about tnobody responded to it. this is a lot more than senator feinstein's going to do legislation with regard to regulations on gun control. that's as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow. but there is a lot more to do then than a single piece of legislation. >> > shannon: and a responsibility. >> homeland security was a federal government. it was a national mission. well, the safety and security of
9:36 am
our kids and our schools isn't the mission of any one department or anybody, an individual, it's a country's mission. we have to be clear in our thinking and we have to get away from the notion that there is just a single way we can reduce the threat of this continuing violence. a lot of lessons learned. after every one of these, we talk about it, virginia tech, we talked about, auror accomrado, we talked about it. the time for talk is over. let's have a national conversation and really try to address some of the indemic problems within our culture. > shannon: former homeland secretary, former governor, thank you very much. >> great talking with you. >> reporter: texas, oregon, colorado, wisconsin, now connecticut, with mass shootings this year alone. why is it becoming too common? we will talk to author joel rosenberg, about our moral and spiritual underpinnings.
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>> mate god of consolation touch their hearts and ease their pain during this christmas season, let us bring ourselves more fervently to prayer and acts of peace. to those who are affected by this tragedy, may you have abundant blessings. >> pope benedict offering his prayers to everyone who lost loved ones on friday. the pontiff sayingy that he is grieving along with the security. sandy hook was strict on security. but the locked doors and the security did not stop the gunman. how can we keep schools safe. >> eric: >> reporter: school security experts saying there needs to be a rethink in lockdown strategies. in many school, only administrate administrators can order that. take a listen.
9:43 am
>> that is unacceptable, if only the administrator is allowed to do do a lockdown, we have to empower and train you to do a lockdown. anyone in the building who sees a dangerous situation should be able to carry out a life-saving fampgz. >> by that, janitors, maintinance people, non-teachers should be allowed to maintain a lockdown and security experts saying that the schools need to do monthly security drill, evacuation drillings, similar to fire evacuations and schools really do all the time. they are very familiar in conducting those. they are improving security in terms of what the parents and teachers are thinking. you would think the parents or teachers would be calling for tougher security measures. but people we spoke to yesterday, the general public, gave us these responses.
9:44 am
>> from what i see, most schools have the proper protocols and it was just an unfortunate... tragedy. >> short of locking them in, there is nothing you can do. >> the parents need to make sure they are taking care of their kids. if your kid is not doing well and they have psychological issues, you have to address it? i know, i mean, i don't know what else -- schools can do. >> reporter: no one appeared to want to blame the schools. parents very much saying, do you know what's going on with your kids' mind? it's hard to police the thoughts of people. they are talking now about better funding for security in schools. funding comes from a number of federal and state programs, but one thing that security experts are pointing out is that there needs to be a coordinated national policy informed that ensures everyone's involved here in protecting schools, and that means government and state and federal level and emergency
9:45 am
services and of course, parents. everyone knows what happens in the event of an incident and the response tashould have taken afterwards. > shannon: thank you. heading out to worship service, people are turning to their faith for comfort in the wake of the tragdy. joining us to talk about how to cope, joe rosenberg, who is author of implosion, can america recover from its scmk spiritual challenges in time. >> good to be with you. > shannon: i wanted to start by asking, being in the news business many years, i feel that covering stories on state, local, national level, there seems to be a decrease in respect for human life, an increase in violence. and how culluraly have we changed? >> we are seeing an epidemic of violence and lawlessness, the demonsof lawlessness and violence seem to be unleashed in the last 50 years. look at 1960 to now, violent
9:46 am
crime in america has more than doubled. it's come down from its worst in the late 80s and early to mid 90s. but we are talking about 1.2 million violent crimes a year. almost 15,000 murders a year. and this, as horrible -- and this is amongst the most horrible i have ever imagined, this is the 18th mass murder event of this year. and the year isn't over. > shannon: have we become untethered from our moral or spiritual, even our family bonds, our community bonds? >> i think we have. i think that's actually a missing element of the coverage so far. although i hope, going forward, we'll talk more about the spiritual issues because in the end, this isn't primarily a gun control or mental health issue, those are the issues that should be discussed. we are talking about the moral and spiritual disarmament. people are driving god out, saying christ shouldn't be in
9:47 am
schools. most of what is happening, we say that we are christian, 85% of americans say they are christians. yet, we are seeing this metastasizing of violence and evil in our society. and our kids are confused. does god matter, but only on sundays? does it matter during the week? is christ important? can he change me if i am scpad lonely? can he help me? what we are driving goid -- god out of school, society, court, the media. did and this is leading to i think, the risk of moral and spiritual implosion in our country itch vicoverred a number of cases. you are well aware of them where people will say religion doesn't have a place in our public forum. it isn't something that should be forced on everyone. some people believe in different gods, how do we have this conversation? >> this is really the church's
9:48 am
fault. not in this specific incident. i am talking about the general church that the -- general sense that the church is getting weak. 340,000 congregations in lighthouses, showing people that jesus is the way, the truth and the life and nobody can get to the hope and the enjoy of this life, except through christ. but a lot of those lighthouses are time and or have gone out, confused amongst themselves over whether christ is the way, the truth and the life. there needs to be a revival in the church to say that the scriptures actually offer hope to a society, as well as individuals and families that are lost and are trying to find the way. > shannon: so the church needed to strengthen itself before it can minister. >> you put your oxygen mask on first and then you put the mask on the one next to you.
9:49 am
a lot of people are not preaching the gospel -- in other words, people are saying, what's the way forward? how do we help a society that has so many kids that seem tow lost, going to violence? jesus said, i am the way. yeah, yeah. we don't want to hear that. how do we help kid who is don't know the truth? jesus said, i am the truth. people say, i don't want to hear that. the churches have to start -- and then, you know, we can't expect the cult tower do what the church isn't doing. that's why we need an, i revival. > shannon: this is an important time of year for religious discussions. good to see you. >> thank you. >> reporter: > shannon: the first round of results are in from a controversial referendum vote in egypt. after the break, we go live to cairo. and continuing coverage of the connecticut school shooting, fining hope in faith. we'll talk to a team of reverend billy graham's chaplain sent to help deal with the tragedy and
9:50 am
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>> the muslim brother hoo is
9:54 am
claiming victory on an islamic-backed constitutional draft. early reports suggest that the turnout was low and there may have been problems. we go live to cairo for the latest. >> reporter: shannon, it looks like the folks in favor of that controversial constitution will get their way. the voting this weekend was the first of two rounds, but according to preliminary result, the yes vote got 57%. the no vote, 43%. turnout was off by egyptian standards as the opposition is claiming widespread irregularities and the government is dismaises -- missing the -- dismissing the charges. the headquarters of an opposition secular party was fire-bombed by islamists here in cairo overnight, despite 120,000 egyptian soldiers out in the streets.
9:55 am
muhammad morsi and the muzz loom brotherhood party has been favored. supporters say it is needed to gain the support of the revolution. in the rural areas, they are favorable to the conservative islamists, so it seems that the constitution will go through. there is a chance to modify the constitution, after the fact. there will be new elections for a new parliament after that. but it appears that the islamists will remain in charge that. , shannon, presents the possibility of more violence in the streets, also presents the possibility that an islamist will have to try to run this country. > shannon: great. thank you very much. as we anxiously await answers to the horrific shooting in sandy hook elementary, police in connecticut are issuing warnings to social media users. we will tell you more about that after this break. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
9:56 am
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>> the school was forcibly entered the school facility itself, okay, encountered -- just encountered staff,students and the tragedy occurred. >> shannon: the investigation continues in the connecticut school shooting as millions of americans had religious services today many of them asking themselves the same he question, why. the president prepares to perform one of his saddest duties, comforting americans in the face of a national tragedy. i'm shannon bream, hour number two of america's headquarters starts with peter doocy in newtown where connecticut state police wrapped up a news conference hours ago. peter? >> shannon, 20 sandy hook first grader also never get to
10:00 am
go back to class. now we are hearing that the town is going to keep the surviving students together just maybe at a different school. i would find it very difficult for them to do that. certainly, it's one of the things they are going to have to look into. we want to keep these kids together. they need support of each other. >> connecticut state police about one hour ago told reporters to avoid misinformation on social media and warned that whoever is posting things like fake accounts pretending to be the shooter is going to be prosecuted by state and federal authorities. now, police did decline to provide a time line on friday's events although they did say once the investigation is complete we will get some kind of a time line from them. we did hear today from connecticut governor dano maloy and he described his understanding of the
10:01 am
circumstances that led to the shooter's suicide. >> >> we surmise it was during the second classroom episode that he heard responders coming and apparently at that decided to take his own life. >> and off camera after the briefing an hour ago paul vance with the connecticut state police said that there are two suffer advisors. two adult survivors of friday's shooting. we don't know who the second survivor is. we had heard initially that there was only one person being treated at a local hospital for gunshot wounds. we are now hearing that there is a second person who survived. we don't know what kind of injuries they have. we don't know at this point if they have been released. we will try to track that down and keep you updated. back to you. >> shannon: thanks for the updates, peter. for more insight on the investigation, we are joined by former homicide detective and fox news contributor rod wheeler.
10:02 am
thank you for coming in today. >> good to be here. >> shannon: i want to start with the information peter had there. it is relatively new to us that there were two adult survivors. how what they did or didn't see. how critical could they be in piecing together these events? >> they will be very critical. i guarantee they have been and will be very critical in this eggs have a. think 'it, these are adults, either it's a good possibility that maybe they even recognized who this guy was but they can at least provide the police with some absolute information. i think they are going to be very critical through the this entire investigation. >> police have shared very little what they could with us so far. but you are very experienced. is there anything that you have heard so far, any clues, things that catch your attention as a former detective? >> yes. actually there has been a number of clues that i have picked up on, especially on friday, shannon there was one particular clue that i picked up on, actually was brought to my attention by neil cavuto. he asked me a question about something. real quickly what he said you know, the suspect he had his brother's driver's license on him. remember, that was even announced. but if you will recall the
10:03 am
police thought they were looking for two suspects. remember? because they had this one guy. now his brother's name is ryan. that's who they thought they had. at the same time they thought they were looking for another person, adam. but actually this was adam, the bad guy. who apparently someone at that school must have recognized this person as being adam. the person who was doing the shooting. in addition to that, if you know the security system had recently been upgraded at the school. i don't think it's a consequence, shannon that that happened. i think this guy had previously made a threat of some type to someone at that school and that's why he did it. the other question for the day is, when was the mother actually killed? now, we know her body was found on friday morning. but when was she killed? and i can tell you later on because it's going to take some time because that's significant in this investigation if she was killed a day or two prior to the shooting on fry play. people have had so many questions about. there is just no good answer for why some innocent children and innocent adults either.
10:04 am
but you are saying you think he may have had some kind of connection with this particular school? >> that's right. he had to have a connection with the school. why? because shooters such as this, they select their targets, believe it or not, these aren't just random events where somebody is going to wake up one morning and say i'm going to go to it a school and shoot 26 people. they pick their targets for a reason. whether it was a berne. a lot of times related to a domestic situation. they specifically choose their targets. now, a will the of people have been asking, shannon, why we kill his mother? real quickly, i think the mother, shannon, was in the process of having him probated. probated means that this guy has some kind of mention problems. he doesn't want to go to the hospital. he doesn't want to take his medication. so a family member has to be the one to initiate the process so the police can come out and get him. i think he felt like his mother was betraying him. that's why he killed his mother. i think that's why he went to the school to somewhat get even with the folks at the school. >> shannon: okay.
10:05 am
how long will it take, do you think, before publicly we will have some of these puzzle pieces to know if these theories are on the right track? >> it could take at least a week if not longer. i think the police already know most of the answers to awful these things i'm saying. but they have to be very cautious right now. this is still a criminal investigation even though we have the suspect, is he dead. they still have to do their due diligence. it's going to take a week or longer before they come out and everything that's going on. >> shannon: possible before they put together the pieces of this that there are lessons that police can then share to help prevent other tragedies similar to this? >> absolutely. unfortunately we learn the hard way in this country. obviously we learned from columbine. we learned from the aurora, colorado shooting. we're going to learn from this. that community, we as a nation, we will move on from this. we will become stronger and hopefully prevent these horrific things from happening again. >> rod wheeler, always good to see you, thank you. >> good to he sue, too shannon. >> shannon: the dad of the 6-year-old emily parker was one of the first parents to
10:06 am
speak out publicly about the shooting. he describes his daughter as a happy little girl who liked to make cards and almost always carried colored pencils or markers. she said she loved her little sisters and cheering up her sad friends. he described his last moments with his oldest daughter friday morning. they had been learning to speak portuguese. she told him that she loved him and he gave her a kiss. >> my daughter, emily, would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love and support to all those victims. because that's the type of person that she is. not because of any parenting that my wife and i would have done but because those are the gifts given to her by her heavenly father. >> parker expressed sympathy for the family of the shooter. he sent love from his family to theirs. if you are looking to help a number of memorial funds have been set up for the sandy hook victims and survivors.
10:07 am
the united way of western connecticut has set up the sandy hook support fund. learn how to donate through their web site. newtown memorial fund is being created in addition to helping those affected directly by the tragedy. the fund is hoping to possibly be able to set up a scholarship. and the newtown youth and family services says any donations made to the organization will go directly to the victims of the shooting. the american red cross, of course, is there on the ground offering food and water as well as grief counseling. those are just a futurecast organizations trying to help out if you want to assist them in that effort. one of the many people looking to honor victims is nfl player victor cruise. 6-year-old jack pinto was reportedly a huge new york giants fan. his favorite player was cruz. cruz tweet add photo of his gloves and cleats. he has written pinto's name on them. is he going to wear them today in the game against the atlanta falcons. the entire league will observe moments of silence before today's games. well secretary of state
10:08 am
hillary clinton will not testify at this week's benghazi hearings on capitol hill following news from the state department that she fell ill and suffered a concussion this week. will she eventually testify after she recovers? congressman henry, a democrat from texas and matt thorn berry a republican also from texas join us with their reactions to that news and much more this week. welcome to you both. congressman clare. i will start with you. if there is anything you would like to share in response to the connecticut tragedy? >> first of all i just have to say my prayers and my sympathies to the families. it has to be a very difficult time. especially right before christmas, so, again, my prayers to all of the families and the first responders there. >> shannon: congressman thorn berry to you as well? >> all of our thoughts and prayers are focused on those with connecticut. i have quote to say i am truly amazed at the poise and the grace of that father up in connecticut. i think the way he proched this is a good lesson for all of when you say we face
10:09 am
difficult circumstances. very inspiring. >> absolutely. well, let's turn to the business of the day or of this week i should say. congressman there will be hearings on both house and senate side on benghazi. secretary clinton won't be present. are you confident you can answer answers from those in her place? >> again, i'm sure there is somebody there that can testify. i know they wanted to hear from secretary clinton but unfortunately she could not do it. i hope she gets better. but, again, there will be other folks that can answer that question. again, this is not the only hearing. ere can be other hearings in the future, also. >> and, congressman thorn berry, how about you? i know there would will be a closed briefing for some members. also the pluck hearings do you think you will make progress this week? >> i think we will make progress. there are still a the of unanswered questions. some of those issues involve security preparations before the attack some of those questions involve who did what during the attack. some of those questions
10:10 am
involve the political spin or the way it was portrayed after the attack. i think this week is really focused on the preparations before the attack. there is going to be report of a commission and they will tell us what they found. but at some point i think it's understandable that the foreign affairs committee and the house would want to hear from the secretary of state directly about diplomatic security generally and about the situation in libya in particular it. >> there are also along with the international issues that you were looking into, domestic issues as well, most notably the fiscal cliff that's coming. congressman, i want to get your reaction to reports last night that house speaker john boehner has indicated that he may be okay with raising top rates on those who earn a million dollars or more. this exchange for some serious cuts elsewhere. >> again, look, we have to get together, both democrats and republicans, we have to get
10:11 am
together do this for the good of the country. it's difficult. i no though it is. i voted for the extension of the george bush tax cuts. this is something we have to do because they are all extending the george bush tax cuts were only temporary and, of course, we have now got the says questions station. we have to come together as democrats and republicans and i think we did too this it. >> shannon: congressman thorn berry as a republican are you okay with that deal? i asked your colleague congressman pete king earlier, he said he would be on board with whatever the speaker negotiated. is that true for you, also? >> i think all of us support the speaker in having one negotiator. but etch auto of us is going to have to evaluate whatever we -- is present to us for a vote. we can't know that until we see it. i think it's important to just emphasize one number with all the blizzard of numbers going around, one number is 20.6. since the end of world war ii, total tax revenue coming into the government has never been more than 20.6. and, yet, spending is more
10:12 am
like 24% of our gross domestic product. the point is whatever you do on taxes, and there may well have to be some flexibility on it. but whatever do you on taxes, if you don't address spending, we're not going to address the deficit and debt. >> congressman thorn berry, thank you both for your time today, we appreciate it? >> thank you so much. >> well, it does look like house speaker john boehner is signaling some movement in the stalled fiscal cliff talks. molly henneberg is following the story and joins us live here in washington with more. hello, molly. >> hi, shannon. the fiscal cliff talk has quieted down in washington in viewft connecticut school shooting there are still negotiations going on quietly behind the scenes. president obama has rejected the republicans most recent proposal at least for now. republicans offered a deal that would raise taxes on americans making over $1 million a year. in exchange for deeper spending cuts. that was a no-go for president obama.
10:13 am
he wants to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000. house speaker john boehner offered the latest proposal on friday showing some flexibility within the g.o.p. on tax hikes. republicans say the country has to get spending under control. in order to get the national debt under control. especially when it comes to entitled spending on things like medicare and social security. boehner has previously proposed increasing the eligibility age for medicare and lowering cost of living adjustments for social security. house republicans say they're hopeful. >> he is our leader. is he negotiating. we arener going to get the perfect deal. i'm confident that john will get the best deal that we can. >> and while the president has shown some willingness to discuss things like raising the medicare eligibility age, his left wing is already signaling they won't stand for it. house minority leader nancy pelosi said last week that raising the medicare age, quote: doesn't work. it doesn't have pluck support, it's unfair. and it doesn't lower health
10:14 am
expenditures. the president was scheduled to travel to maine this week to push for his fiscal cliff plan. that trip has been cancelled because of the connecticut school shooting. shannon? >> molly, thank you very much. all right. we want to give you a chance to speak out on speaker boehner's plan. what do you think? is this promising progress or should he stand his ground? for your answers to act anhqdc or at shannon bream or we will read some of them later in had hour. last month nearly 2,000 federal regulations have been posted by the obama administration but it's been more than a year since the administration reported the economic impact of those regulations to congress as required by law. issues and how much it could cost you after this break. this holiday, share everything.
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>> it has been more than a year since the obama administration complied with a law that requires federal agencies to pluckily report proposed regulations that will have a significant economic impact directly to congress. now, though that hasn't happened. we know that over just the last 90 days, 5994 proposed regulations have been issued. and that's according to the federal government's own web site. joining us now to talk about regulation nation this week. director of regulatory policy at the american action forum. sam, thanks forever coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> your organization does a good job of tracking how many regulations are out there. how much it's going tost do. the real impact of it. now all these regulations generally go through the white house to be vetted in some way before they come out. a lot of them have gotten stuck there this year. what's going on? >> there is definitely a regulatory law jam. we looked at a similar period in 2004 when there was a
10:20 am
re-election. that white house reviewed more regulations in half the amount of time. the average review time for economic significance so 100 million plus role 70 days for the first 10 months. over 100 rules that have been at the white house longer than nibility days which is a long time considering that most spend 30 to 60 days there. there is a lot built up at the white house right now. >> you are saying we know as we reported that the federal agencies haven't reported as they are required to in april and october by congress about these. we know there is a backlog at the white house. i found something interesting based on everything going on right now regulatory cliff. something significant people need to be watching. >> sure, senator had op. ed about this regulatory cliff. we counted up all of the costs rules that could come out or that are currently at the white house. it's roughly $100 billion worth of rules. economic significant rules for energy efficiency standards
10:21 am
department of labor rules. there is a lot at the white house right now. i don't think there will be a huge avalanche of rules they can take their time and get everyone is hoping at least input from businesses and groups to make these rules. at least the least costly rules that achieve the most benefits or re-examine the rules all together. >> shannon: we have covered a lot of things. e.p.a. rules that infringe on people's private property. of course, the mandate about contraception being mandated all over the place. impact businesses property property owners. you all track a number of those. one chief among those is the new healthcare law. all rules and hasn't gone into effect yet. $1.1 billion. and 1.4 million paperwork hours for people to have to keep up with these
10:22 am
investigations where does that cost filter to somewhere it absorbed. >> 1.1 figures for the vending machines and restaurants and expanded to grocery stores. the total cost is roughly $30 billion. 10. >> all of the affordable care act. correct. one way to take these paperwork hours is to see an average work year of roughly 2,000 hours and you are talking about tens of thousands of employee years that would take just to file all the new paperwork that the healthcare law requires there is a lot more to come in 2013, 2014 as well. >> what do business owners do with that cost? >> they can either redistribute labor to regulatory compliance which is something i don't think everyone want it could. forced to hire new people. you have to examine for small businesses that impact is much greater.
10:23 am
we looked at a few laws under dodd frank a few regulations we saw 4,000 plus hours per entity for a few of the big regulations. if you are a small business just a few people you are talking 2 to 3 extra employees that you might need to hire or there is a lot of reshuffling going on. it doesn't make it any easier to hire or expand. >> shannon: that's for businesses on the rules that are settled or they know are coming. what about this situation where we do have some of these things that are log jam and not coming out or languishing before the public is getting a chance to comment on them and see how they are going to work. what does that uncertainty do for u.s. citizens. >> blind unless you aren thiews as stick and check the white house web site to see what's pending you don't know what's going to come out under 2013-2014. we don't have a june find agendas. businesses don't know what's coming in 2013-2014. add the are a gla tore cliff with the fiscal cliff it's maddening. people at least wish they knew what to expect out of washington the next few years
10:24 am
and they can't even expect that. >> shannon: there is a lot of uncertainty here. very interesting how you keep an eye on these things. we would love to you have come back. >> thanks so much. >> shannon: as the obama administration reopens the pipeline. one senator is reminding the president he needs to make those intentions public. rob portman sent mr. obama a letter last week reminding the white house of its legal requirement to publish these regulatory president obama promised the most transparent in history but he has failed to comply with the basic duty to publish his plans for new regulations as required by federal law. we will keep an eye on it. >> shannon: this some breaking news just in from newtown, connecticut. fox news has spoken with lt. paul vance who says there has been a threat of violence at saint rosa lima church. now our reporter anna kooiman has been there today covering the many families who have been coming and going. you have seen there are many
10:25 am
folks there for comfort and there for mass today. the church chose to evacuate. state police and newtown police searched the church. there was some type of threat but said they found nothing. the church is clear now. folks have been cleared to go back in and services there continue. police are not being specific about what type of threat there was. but, again, many of the family and friends of those grieving over the sandy hook elementary shooting have been taking part in services there this morning. we will keep you updated as we know more. the shooting in new town it, connecticut has the country grievihis morning on the sunday talk show we saw push for action to prevent mass murders from occurring. stay with us. we will tell what you lawmakers in washington are proposing, what they have had to say about the tragedy and how they hope to stop something similar from happening ever again. and, also -- i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
10:26 am
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>> shannon: president obama will spend the afternoon visiting privately with families of those who lost loved ones in connecticut. the president will leave washington in about an hour and will speak at the newtown high school at 7:00 eastern tonight. earlier this morning. mr. obama took the chance to spend time with his own daughter at her dance rehearsal. bret baier will have live coverage of the president's visit right here on fox news tonight. that starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. voters' rights groups in egypt are calling foul on constitutional draft saying yesterday's referendum vote was marred by violations. they claim there wasn't enough judicial oversight and women were voted from voting at all. meanwhile the muslim brotherhood is claiming early victory on islamic backed resolution. senator john kerry is expected to be nominated the next secretary of state. initial announcement could come early next week president obama has not finalized his picks for the rest of the national security team
10:31 am
churches in newtown have become solace. saint lima church consoling several victims of the victims. anna kooiman live at the church where the people have been filing in and out of mass. hello, anna. you came in with an alert on this we did have connecticut state police and newtown police still on the scene. the church was evacuated but the service was already wrapping up. we did speak with lt. advance talking to fox news saying there was some sort of violence did not mention specifically what sort it was but that it is clear and people are allowed to go back into the church but, of course, it's happening as the entire nation is searching for a saving grace. many people choosing to go to sunday morning services like the one that just wrapped up behind me. feeling deflated and hopeless and this coming as the medical examiner is releasing the identities of the 12 little girls, 8 in the boys and the six adults who lost their
10:32 am
lives in the friday morning massacre. in the hallway at sandy hook elementary school. the school psychologist was found along with the 47-year-old principal dan how hochsprung. >> she was personal friend and wonderful leader and it's a huge loss for the kids and the community and her family. >> while some folks in the area took down holiday celebrations feeling guilty celebrating during this time of tragedy. others are finding a new meaning associated with angels being placed on top christmas trees. sherri burton says it pays tribute to the student and staff members she loved so much. >> we will get through this i have lost friends and students i have worked with. >> some of the parents who
10:33 am
lost their children mourning with their fellow neighbors this morning during packed sunday services disheartened parents who are taking a break from planning funerals for their little ones. many residents feel they have no way to help the victim's families except through faith and prayer. shannon, as we have been mentioning all morning long, obs scheduled to come to sandy hook. this is the fourth time that he has gone to towns that are in mourning following mass shootings. back to you. >> anna, thank you very much for keeping us updated. we are slowly learning more about what happened in shook sandy hook olmert tri. >> there needs to be conversation about gun control but also the way we treat mental illness. also about the culture of violence in this country which may have contribute to the way in which this very disturbed young man thought.
10:34 am
>> obviously part of a different conversation. let's check in with steve centanni who has been monitoring what's going on here in washington in reaction to the shooting. steve? >> yeah, shannon, reaction here in washington. so far very far reaching shock and grief new push for gun control as you can imagine and ideas for dealing with mass violence in this country. everyone seems to agree it's a difficult challenge with no eyesy solutions. >> we have to come a knowledge there is no simple solution. yes there needs to be a conversation about gun control but also about the way we treat mental illness, also about the culture of violence in this country which may have contributed to the way in which this very disturbed young man thought of course a hot topic on the sunday talk shows. joe lieberman of connecticut and congressman jason chaffets of utah both suggesting the mats media including violent
10:35 am
negative video games negatively influence impressionable young men. dick durbin and lieberman suggesting a national commission on mass violence to find ways of preventing future tragedies like this. and some are pointing to a better mental health and better mental health screening as part of the answer. >> i think we have to be careful about suggesting new gun laws. we need to look at what drives a crazy person to do these kind of actions. make sure that we are enforcing the laws that are currently on the books. >> of course, president obama leaving the white house this afternoon for a vigil at the high school in newtown, massachusetts. shannon? >> shannon: steve, thank you very much. i think we need a national commission on mass violence. not to -- in place of anything
10:36 am
else the congress or state governments might want to do but to make sure that the heart break and anger that we feel now is not dissipated over time or lost in legislative gridlock. >> >> shannon: that was senator lieberman on "fox news sunday" saying it is time for washington to form a national commission to study mass violence in our country. earlier today i sat down with anchor chris wallace to get his preview of this week's show. chris, it's a tough story all the way around. you had senator lieberman of course home state on "fox news sunday" to talk with you today. >> chris: right, senator for 24 years. efforts town me about this town of newtown. of course he knows the whole state so well. he said this the quitest most innocent town in the world. it's the last place. it isn't the last place. because it can happen everywhere and anywhere four country. people we have a number of two senators and a congressman and school safety expert they are
10:37 am
floundering around trying to find answer and lieberman calls for national commission and durbin, senator durbin calls for hearings and there is talk about, you know, gun control. and then there is talk about, you know, trying to do something to protect our schools. and louie gohmert a congressman from texas talks about allowing people to have more guns so people can stand up in a pluck place and defend themselves. you know it's the worst case we can imagine and i don't know if you can answer. >> you were able to talk to some of the families as well. for them very mixed emotions. their friends' children are okay but their friend's children are not okay. >> the one family in particular licotas described it bittersweet. this little boy aden was in the first grade classroom with that wonderful teacher victoria soto 27 years old. come and bursts in. she jumps up to confront him to try to protect her children. he shoots her in front of the
10:38 am
children. and little aden takes that second to run out of the classroom but also to get some of his friends. he didn't go out by himself. grabbed some of his friends, ran out. they were safe. she died. some of their classmates died as robert licoto's dad said he also had an older daughter in the school. we are lucky and fortunate. i can't take any joy in it obviously as relieved as they are because so many of our friends and some of the kids are gone. >> shannon: you talk about those special moments and people like that young teacher who are a hero and i thought it was very fitting that "fox news sunday" wraps up with some of the best moments and the people who truly are the heros. >> chris: there is good and strength and in the face of these. >> shannon: thank you. you catchall of "fox news sunday" right here on the fox news channel airing right after america's news headquarters.
10:39 am
>> 6-year-old noah is one of the children whose life was cut short last friday. according to his uncle he was smart as a whip. when his mother told him she loved him, he would say not as much as i love you, mom. he called his twin sister aerial best friend and also inseparable from 8-year-old sister sophie. neither of his sisters were injured in the shooting. his funeral is planned for tomorrow. since authorities released the names of all those who died at sandy hook elementary. we have been learning more about them. go to fox news to the come to read all of their very personal stories. among those offering help in the aftermath of this tragedy reverend billy graham's rapid response team. we will talk to one of ministers next. first a powerful image the list and names of the tender ages of the victims of the sandy hook elementary shooting. [ mother ] you can't leave the table
10:40 am
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>> shannon: among those flooding into new town connecticut to offer comfort and support. members of the billy graham rapid response team the ministry sent in a team of 10 ministers claimed thank you so much for your time. can you tell us what you found when you arrived there?
10:45 am
>> yes, when earrived actually the day of the shooting with our shap plans, we found an incredible community of suffering, the agony this was there, the shock that was there. and as we do when we go to disasters like, this we first check with the authorities in the area. the state police and the fire folks that were here to let them know they were here and ask how we can serve them. >> and how do you even begin to talk to these families, whether they were directly impacted or members of this community all feeling the grief at this point how do you talk them through where they are right now? >> well, in a time like, this it's really more about listening it's helping people to express themself. much of our work at this point has been with the first responders the than plans that we brought in are also first responders as well. police chaplains, retired fire
10:46 am
chaplains and they just come alongside what we would call a ministry of presence to let them know that we are here make our sstlesz available to them. and many involved at the scene really took oour chaplains and talked to them on a one-on-one basis. >> i would imagine along with families who have lost whether it's children or on adult loved one the first responders and the people who have to be there and work through seeing the scene and handling the aftermath, i would imagine those are. so folks that most need some help, whether as you said it's just listening at this point. >>. >> you are right. what we are hearing is just horrific. there aren't words to describe the scene our heart just goes out to the families. we are -- our entire organization of globally is praying as we know.
10:47 am
people are just through the this region. when we are there the only hope people can have is to the lord. much of what we have been hearing on tv, centers around faith. and we recognize that this is a critical time for everyone to really tap in on what god's comfort and hope is all about. >> shannon: for a lot of people who maybe faith for them isn't a daily part of their life. maybe it was at one point. maybe it's something new for them. why do you think in time of crisis we are so quick to turn to that place? >> well, we go through times like, this you know. we really come in touch with the important things of life. and i think a relationship experiencing god's comfort and his hope is what people seek. whether anyone has been in church in the last 10 years or not, there is something i think that's in their heart
10:48 am
they realize there is a hole there. and they turn to god. and they ask us a lot of god questions. we don't pretend to have all the answers. we know doo know there is a god that loves them and cares for them and desires to come alongside at a time that could be the darkest hour of their life. >> jack monday we thank you you and your team to listen and be a presence for those in need. folks want to know more it's billy slash rrt for rapid response team we thank you for your work there, sir. >> thank you. >> in about an hour, president obama is going to leave washington and head to new town connecticut. he is flying there to meet with victim's family members and first responders. later this evening he will speak at a prayer vigil. bret baier will anchor live coverage of the president's visit. it begins at 6:00 eastern. >> and switching gears. as we all know the holiday season is upon us. so how are things looking for small businesses? according to a new survey, not
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> touch their hearts. ease their pain during this
10:53 am
season more fervently to prayer and to -- those affected by this tragedy, blessings. >> shannon: pope benedict offering prayers to everyone who lost loved ones on friday in connecticut. the pontiff says he was deeply saddened by the shooting and also grieving with the families. ♪ now to some holiday shopping less than encouraging news from small business owners, brenda butler joins us live with a survey taken tells us new information. hello, brenda. >> hey, shannon glass half full or empty. business owners empty is the earn as are their bucket for spending. net capital spending next 12 months dramatically dropped to the lowest level in more than 2 years. that's the word from the wells
10:54 am
fargo. it may mean owners may pull back on investments even more. >> overall optimism among the small guys on main street owners are dramatically more pessimistic. another key survey shows nearly 50% of small business owners expecting things to get worse over the next six months. the optimism index national federation of business dropped to lowest level of index's 26 year low history. only lower in the 2008 meltdown and fallout. super storm sandy doesn't get much of the blame. storms hard hit weren't cliewttledded in the math. the reason for the maul business gloom you guessed it worries about the economy. especially expectations for next year. the nfib chief's economist says the election just didn't give those surveyed any reason to hope things might get better. >> we woke up after spending billions on the election and everything was the same. and since they were unable to really kind of come up with a scheme for us before, i guess
10:55 am
owners are now pretty pessimistic that they will be able to do it now. >> small business which largely drives hiring is pessimistic, that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. >> with that kind of outlook on the economy. you are not going to hire or make capital spending or do any of these things that would help grow g.d.p. and boost the unemployment rate. >> it's not just firms but their customers as well. index of consumer confidence by the university of michigan shows that consumers are also very pessimistic. back to you, shannon. >> all right, brenda, thank you for keeping us updated as though mourn the school mates they lost they will not have to return when school reopens this week. we will tell you about other plans for them next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
>> as you know at sandy hook elementary on friday there were 26 victims shot dead. 20 children, six adults. we're getting a look at their pictures, personal lives learning more about them today. and we're also learning that the children who survived will be going back to school later this week. now, they are not going to go back to sandy hook school, instead we're told they are going to use an unused school a few miles a away. the hopes are to keep them together. latest on the investigation. connecticut police say they do have evidence in the case and that they are tracing all the weapons back to the actual work benches where they were made think want to know everybody about them. they are warning people to quit using social media to quit spreading misinformation. we have been asking you what you think about speaker boehner's proposal to increase taxes on those who make more than a million dollars a year

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